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Small City

Welcome to Small City LLC, a streetwear brand with a purpose. Based in Phoenix, AZ, we are dedicated to creating comfortable, high-quality, and fashion-forward streetwear. All our clothes are hand-printed, and we take pride in using ethically made t-shirts. Beyond fashion, our mission is to connect with and give back to local communities and artists, making a positive impact every step of the way. 

Small City LLC strives to create comfortable, high-quality, fashion-forward streetwear while connecting with and giving back to local communities and artists.


The Name

The name "Small City" embodies achievability by contrasting the overwhelming nature of a big city, where everything may seem unattainable, with the transformative power of being a big person in a small city, where possibilities seem boundless. It also represents the idea of a tight-knit community, fostering a sense of belonging and support that fuels individual and collective growth.


Mike Fish

Michael Fischer, or Mike Fish, is the owner and driving force behind Small City. Based in Phoenix, he started this passion project during his freshman year at Arizona State University, studying Business Entrepreneurship. Small City is not just about fashion but also a way for him to learn, grow, and make a positive impact in the community he loves. Michael embraces the challenges of running a small business and invites you to join this meaningful journey of creativity, learning, and community engagement.